Grameenphone Requesting Call (Pay for me)

A GP subscriber can call another GP subscriber through Pay For Me service even if the caller does not have sufficient balance.

To avail this service, a subscriber needs to dial *123* followed by the intended number and press the hash key (#), i.e. *123*017xxxxxxxxx#. If the intended receiver agrees to pay, the receiver will be charged for the call.

The intended receiver of the Pay For Me call will hear a recorded message asking whether s/he is willing to receive the call and accept the charges. If willing, the receiver will press 1, or else, press 2. Any GP subscriber can enjoy this service.

To make it further useful for the subscribers, Grameenphone now offers a new feature for “Pay For Me” subscribers. They can now select and De-select specific phone numbers, from which they want to receive Pay For Me requests or not. This can be done by adding specific phone numbers to the “Pay for Me” White list and Blacklist respectively. Adding a number to the White list will allow that specific number to get connected automatically to the recipient, upon making a Pay For Me request. Similarly, a personal blacklist containing phone numbers which the recipient do not want to receive Pay For Me calls from, will make those numbers automatically blocked from making Pay For Me requests to the subscriber.

No additional charge applicable for this new Blacklist / White list feature. And it can be availed by simply dialing the following USSD codes :

Desired Service Required
Add a number to Pay For Me White-list *123*1*017xxxxxxxxx#
Add a number to Pay For Me Blacklist *123*2*017xxxxxxxxx#
Delete a number from Pay For Me White-list *123*3*017xxxxxxxxx#
Delete a number from Pay For Me Blacklist *123*3*017xxxxxxxxx#
Check personal White-list *123*11#
Check personal Blacklist *123*22#


Flat tariff of BDT 0.30/10 second for all GP products


  • The caller must have an active SIM to avail this service.
  • A maximum of 4 (four) Pay For Me call can be made in a day.
  • If a particular subscriber (A) is rejected twice by another particular subscriber (B) in a single day, then the subscriber (A) will not be able to make any Pay For Me requests to that particular subscriber (B) for the rest of that day

Any GP Prepaid and Post-paid subscriber can enjoy this service.