Grameenphone 200 SMS 5 Taka Bondhu Customer, 100 SMS 5 Taka All Prepaid Customer

Details of the offer:

  • This offer will be applicable for all GP Prepaid (excluding GPPP, VP & BPO)
  • To opt-in for this SMS Offer, customers can either dial *111*10*6# or send SMS by typing the keyword START SMS and send the SMS to 9999.
  • djuice customers already has this offer as a permanent feature and can opt-in to this offer by typing the keyword D SMS and send the SMS to 9999
  • Customers will be charged BDT 5 (+VAT) for availing the bundle SMS offer.
  • Validity of the SMS bundle will be 3 days
  • To check the balance of the SMS, customers can dial *566*2# (free)
  • Eligible customers can take the offer multiple times during the campaign period and even before the end of validity period.
  • Customers can enjoy this offer after receiving the confirmation SMS
  • SMS value will be accumulated with every new purchase
  • After the ending of free offer period, customers SMS will be charged as per regular tariff
  • Validity of SMS will be set as per the latest purchase
  • The bundle SMS will be applicable for GP-GP SMS only. Port/International/GP-Other Operator SMS is not applicable.
  • The offer will continue until further notice
  • 3% Supplementary Duty (SD) +15 % VAT on price inclusive of SD will be applicable.

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