Government and Non-Government Job for Telecommunication Engineer (Diploma)

Telecommunication is an update Technology in Bangladesh under the Bangladesh Technical education Board and Maintained by Directorate of Technical Education. Telecommunication is a new Technology, so people do not know about its Job sectors and where need to work or, Available/Unavailable Government Jobs in Bangladesh. We create this content for give you clear experience about Telecommunication Job Sectors Details.

Government Job Sectors in Bangladesh: Here we provide Rank based Important Job Sectors for you where you can work.

BTRC: The full meaning of BTRC is Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission. It is an Independent Act who controls all Telecommunication operators and related things. BTRC Powered by Government of Bangladesh. You can Job here as a Telecommunication Engineer. Here available much benefits for you.

BTCL: The full meaning of BTCL is Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited. It is mainly a Government LAN phone company but here available too many Job for Telecommunication Engineers like T&T (Telephone & Telegraph), General Executive, Junior Executive, Network Engineer, Line Distributions and many more.
Ministry of Information and Communication: As a Telecommunication Engineer you can work on Government Authority center of Ministry of Information and Communication.

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited: It is only government mobile communication operator in Bangladesh which is a part of BTCL (Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited). You can easily work here. You need to know that this operator provides some special facilities and extra benefits for Telecommunication Engineers. As a Telecommunication Engineer you can work here the following category: Junior Executive, Network Engineer, Communication Network distribution, management, concern units and Internet Specialist.

ISP: The full meaning of ISP is Internet Service Providers. You can Work on an ISP as a Telecommunication Engineer.

Fiber Optic: A Telecommunication Engineer can work on Optical Fiber Communication. It is a Transmission media. It transmits signal and mainly use on BTS to BSC and BSC to MSC communication.

Satellite Communication: Though Bangladesh has no Satellite available currently but a Telecommunication Engineer can work on Satellite sector for government Jobs. It is a high quality job sector and you need to proper expert or proper specialist for attend these Jobs.

Radar Communication: The full meaning of Radar is Radio Detection and Ranging. It is a Trans-receiver system. It is mainly an Electronics Job but open for Telecommunication Engineers.

Government Teaching Job: A Telecommunication Engineer can Work as a Teacher on Government Polytechnic Institute, Government College where Available free post of ICT (Information Communication Technology) and Another Sectors.

Non-Government Job Sectors: 100 More Items Non-Government Job Sector Available in Bangladesh. Private Mobile Operators, PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication), Any Networking Sectors and Communication Sectors are the favorite Job Place.

You can Firstly work here as a Junior Executive, General Executive, Sub Assistant Engineer, Customer care executive, Call center executive, Network Engineer, Concern Units, Specialist team and Many others.
Not only the previous Job sector but also here available too many job sector available, But we unable to write all job sector here. If you know another job sectors of Telecommunication Comment here.