Global Mobile Satellite Network Communication Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering

Introduction: In this content we discuss about the different sites of universal Telecommunication. Now days, too many user use Global mobile terminal and wire line terminal work high. Without this, it is very rare for use a satellite communication.


  • The satellite organization and satellite industries make two trustable satellite is called:


(i)Very small aperture terminal (VAST) fixated satellite communication system

(ii)Ultra small aperture terminal mobile satellite (MAST) communication


By development of technology MAST is also known as VSAT (VSAT on Wheels).Some main feature of MSAT and VAST are related. But both unrelated features are:


(i) Universal coverage: Both type of system provide universal coverage service. But it is different to each other. Some times can be very high and some times can be very low.


(ii) Uniform Cost: Uniform cost means fixed prize system of MAST and VSAT always work by maintaining is way.

(iii) Network Flexible: It is an important feature of both networking system. Without this systems MAST is called the marital system of satellite and mobile phone. As an example we can tell the system of Canadian MAST and MMs of United Kingdom. In this satellite system the following equipment needed for provide service from satellite to mobile.

  • One or more satellite by synchronous way. It’s run range 800 MHz
  • High capacity power
  • Working module system
  • Low noise receiver and high gain based Antenna

Basic part of satellite: Possible network structure of MSAT:

  1. Mobile unit
  2. Dispatch console
  3. Telephone exchange
  4. Operations center
  5. Basic Earth station
  6. Gate-way earth station
  7. Control earth station


  • It is control 4 structures:


  • Mobile to mobile
  • Mobile to dispatcher
  • Mobile to public switched Telephone
  • Satellite and network center