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• To be able to understand the concept of entrepreneurship & entrepreneur.
• To be able to understand the concept of environment for entrepreneurship.
• To be able to understand the sources of venture ideas in Bangladesh.
• To be able to understand the project selection.
• To be able to understand business planning.
• To be able to understand the case study

Concepts of entrepreneurship & entrepreneur; Entrepreneurship & economic development; Environment for entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship in the theories of economic growth; Sources of ventures ideas in Bangladesh; Evaluation of venture ideas; Financial planning; Project selection; Self employment; Entrepreneurial motivation; Business plan; Sources of assistance & industrial sanctioning procedure.
Insurance ; case study.
Theory :
1 Understand the basic concept of entrepreneurship & entrepreneur.
1.1 Define entrepreneurship & entrepreneur.
1.2 Discuss the characteristics and qualities of etrepreneur.
1.3 Mention the classifacation of entrepreneur.
1.4 Discuss the case entrepreneurship and mass entrepreneurship.
1.5 Discuss the necessity of entrepreneurship as a career.
1.6 Discuss the function of entrepreneur in developing countries.
1.7 Discuss the prospect of entrepreneurship development in Bangladesh.