Electronics Devices and Circuit Syllabus Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Regulation 2010, Short Suggestion, Exam Dates, Exam Routine, Question Out, Book list with code

• To provide understanding and skill of transistor biasing and characteristics.
• To develop the comprehensive skill on Transistor model and equivalent circuits.
• To provide understanding of the Multistage, power and tuned voltage amplifier.
• To develop the understanding and of FET and FET amplifier.
• To provide understanding and skill on Feedback amplifier and oscillator.
• To develop the clear concept and skill on time base circuit and multivibrator.

Transistor characteristics, Transistor biasing & stabilization, Transistor model, Multistage amplifier, Power & tuned amplifier, FET & FET amplifier, Feedback amplifier, Sinusoidal oscillators, Time base circuit and Multivibrator circuits.