Electrical Network Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Definition of electric network:
Everybody need to know first about what is network? Before describe different type of network.
When two or more simple circuit connects is a circuit is called electrical circuit.  Or, one or more electrical source and different type of circuit parameters when connect together is called electrical network. You will be get a better performance or better experience after learns more about the classification of electrical circuit. There are kinds of electrical network are now available:

Active network: It is a network there has one or more elf source. Here, elf mean electromotive source.
Passive network: It is a network there is no elf source available.
Linear network: It is a network; there is the circuit parameters always work in still current and still voltage.
Non-linear network: It is a network type which is fully different from linear network. In this network, all circuit parameters are changed to voltage and current.