Diploma in Engineering Textile Technology

Introduction: Textile Technology is a Popular Department which is control by DOT (Directorate of Textile Education). This Technology is maintenance under the Ministry of Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). It is a limited Department and available only on three Institute.

Education Details: Its Department or Technology code is 19. Education systems divided in two categories like diploma in engineering all Technology. For save your valuable times we provides al subject name with code department wise here.

First Semester: Textile Raw Materials-1 (1911), General textile Processes-1 (1912), Engineering Drawing (1011), Mathematics-1 (5911), Chemistry (5913), Bangla (5711), Basic Workshop Practice (7011) and Physical Education & Life Skill Development (5812).

Second Semester: Textile Raw Materials-1 (1911), General Textile Processes-1 (1912), Basic Electricity (6711), Mathematics-2 (5921), Physics-1 (5912), English-1 (5712) and Social Science-1 (5811).

Third Semester: Yarn Manufacturing-1 (1931), Fabric Manufacturing-1(1932), Computer Application -1 (6621), Mathematics-3 (5931), Physics-2 (5912), Social Science-2 (5821) and English-2 (5722).

Fourth Semester: Yarn Manufacturing-2 (1941), Fabric Manufacturing-2 (1942), Wet Processing-1 (1943), Textile Testing & Quality Conrol-1 (1944), Computer Application-2 (6632), Engineering Mechanics (7142), Statistic (1449) and Environmental Management (5840).

Fifth Semester: Yarn Manufacturing-3 (1951), Fabric Manufacturing-3 (1952), Wet Processing-2 (1953), Clothing-1 (1954), Textile Testing & Quality Control-2 (1955), Fabric Structure & Analysis-1 (1956) and Book Keeping & Accounting (5851).

Sixth Semester: Wet Processing-3 (1961), Clothing-2 (1962), Textile Testing & Quality Control-3 (1963), Textile Calculation-1 (1964), Fabric Structure and Analysis 1 (1965), Business Organization and Communication (5841) and Industrial Management (2012)

Seventh Semester: Textile Design and Color (1971), Advanced Short Staple Spinning (1972), Advanced Weaving (1973), Advanced Dyeing (1974), Woven Garments and Finishing (1975), Long Staple Spinning (1976), Advanced Knitting and non-woven (1977), Advanced Printing and Finishing (1978), Advanced Knit Garments and Fishing (1979), Maintenance of Yarn Manufacturing (1980), Fabric Manufacturing (1981), Wet Processing (1982), Garments Manufacturing Machinery (1983), Textile Calculation 2 (1984) and Production Planning and Control.

Higher Education: After completing Diploma in Textile engineering you can study in higher university for graduation like B. SC. In Textile Engineering, B. Sc. in Garment Design, B. Sc. In Pattern Making and more!
Diploma in Textile Engineering Job Sector: Unlimited Job sector available in Bangladesh currently for Diploma in Textile Engineering. If you study in Textile Technology we recommend you that you are lucky. You can attend any Garments Design Job sectors in anywhere.

Conclusion: In finally we want to tell that in this modern Technology Every want looking for new designable dress and cloth. As a Textile Engineer you can work any design company and production Industry or Garments.