Diploma in Engineering Marine Technology

Introduction: On this Modern World, the 54 percent of transfer income comes from Ship. A Marine Engineer control and maintain it. After completing the course Diploma in marine engineering you will achieve the cadet engineering post on internal and external ship. A marine engineer earn too high as Another Diploma engineer. You need to know that its competition is too high. So, If you want to read in Diploma in Marine Technology you need to prepared first and need work hard for complete your target.

Higher Education: After complete Diploma in Marne Engineering you can complete graduation from any University of Engineering & Technology or science & Technology. You can also complete graduation with B.Sc. in Marine Engineering from any worldwide university.

Education Details: Diploma in Marine Engineering is a 4 years diploma n Engineering course under directorate of technical education (DTE). This education system divided into two parts. 1st step is Institute Education and 2nd step is Industrial training. Institute education duration is 3.5 Year and Industrial is .5 Year. Institute education maintained through Theory and Practical Examination. All Educational Information control, maintain and powered by Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). It’s Diploma in Engineering Technology code is 79.
Diploma in Marine Engineering Semester wise Subject list and Code: For save your valuable time we provide 1st to 8th semester subject list with code (Departmental and non-departmental).

First Semester: Engineering Drawing (1011), Bengali (5711), English 1 (5712), Physical Education and life skill development (5812), Mathematics 1 (5911), Physics 1 (5912), Basic Workshop Practice (7011) and IC Engine Principal (7911).

Second Semester: Engineering Materials (1012), English 2 (5722), Social Science 1 (5811), Mathematics 2 (5921), Physics 2 (5922), Basic Electricity (6711) and Diesel Engine Operation and Maintenance (7921).

Third Semester: Fuels & Fuel Injection System (7931), Mechanical Drawing (7033), Computer Application 1 (6621), Mathematics -3 (5931), Chemistry (5913), Social Science-2 (5821) and Basic Electronics (6811).

Fourth Semester: Diesel Engine Overhauling & Record Keeping (7941), Computer Application-2 (6632), Welding (8032), Machine Shop Practice (7042), Metallurgy (7031), Environmental Management (5840) and Business org & Communication (5841).

Fifth Semester: Marine Engines and Construction (7951), Engineering Mechanics (7142), Advance Machine Shop (7056), Engineering Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer (7952), Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) (6655), Entrepreneurship (5853) and Book Keeping (5851).

Sixth semester: Strength Of Materials & Machine Design (7066), Marine Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (8053), Ship Safety & Fire Fighting (7961), Marine Auxiliary System & Hydraulic Machinery (7962), Naval Architecture (8062), Mechanical & Marine Estimating (7963) and Industrial Management (5852).

Seventh semester: Engine Installation & testing (7971), Shim Propulsion System (7972), Marine Steam & Gas Turbine (7973), Ship Construction & Fitting (7974), Instrumentation & control (6878), Maritime Laws (7975) and Marine Electron Technology (7976).

Marine Engineering Job Sectors: Too many High Responsive Job sector available for Marine Technology. Here do not possible to add all sectors but we add some popular job sector as an example.
Cadet Engineer in all Internal or External Ship, Teaching Job in government or Private Institute, Shipyard, Dockyard, Ship control and Maintenance. Ship specialist, Ship Management and others job sectors.

Conclusion: You may lucky if you study in Diploma in Marine Technology. In a word It is really High Competitive.