Diploma in Engineering Graphics Design Technology

Introduction: Graphics Design is one of the Demand able departments under the Diploma in Engineering Technology. It helps to make specialist in Ad making, Banner making, video studio, Cover design, Photoshop tools maintained, logo maker and many more! It provides a chance for build carrier with media, magazine and another respectable sector. Important to know that Department code of Diploma in Graphics design technology is 96, so all departmental subject must start with 96 subject code.

Educational details: The education system of Diploma in Graphics design Technology is too easy and practical dependable department. If you want to make yourself as a graphics design engineer, you need to learn properly about what is graphics design technology, how to work on this and how many expert may need for good jobs. Please make sure that you do not think only job because 1st you need to learn details about theory.

Syllabus and Subject List: It is an only Technology where departmental subject is maximum number but also available non departmental subject. Here we provide category wise departmental and non-departmental subject list.
Departmental Subject List: Image Preparation 2 (9641), Graphics Design 1 (9642), Digital and Conventional Photography (9643), Advertising (9651), Design & Editing (9653), Packaging Design 1 (9654), Graphics Design 2 (9655), Color Separation & Correction (9656), Desktop Publishing (9661), Project work 1 (9662), Stripping & Montage Preparation (9663), Graphics Design 3 (9664), Animation (9671), Graphics Communication (9673), Advanced Digital Photography (9672) and Graphics Design 4 (9674).
Related Department Subject List: Printing Technology is related with graphics design technology, so, here some subject of Printing Technology now we provide: Basic Printing (9511), Offset Machine Operation (9521), Image Preparation 1 (9531), Screen Printing (9541), Estimating & Costing (9561) and Packaging Design 2 (9575)
Electrical, Electronics and Computer Departmental Subject: Basic Electricity (6711), Basic Electronics (6811), Computer Application 1 (6621) and Computer Application 2 (6632).

Graphics Design Job Sectors: There are too many Jobs Sector available worldwide for this Technology. All Job List may not Possible to add here. For this we provide some special Job list: Exhibition Designer, Fine Artist, Illustrator, Medical Illustrator, Multimedia Programmer, Multimedia Specialist, Print-maker and Production Designer on Theater, Television or Film Industry.
Conclusion: Whether they’re self-employed, working freelance or employed within a business, graphic designers often have to be proactive in presenting or ‘pitching’ their ideas and designs to the agency director and/or prospective clients. After all, If you graduate with this technology we recommend you to maintained time and work, then you will success conform.