Development of Top 10 Open Source in 2015 (part-II)

4. Ubuntu Wins Kudos

Ubuntu Linux should be included in the success stories of open source developments. It has been the mainstream of server’s application, according to Sritman of MongoDB. It also took place at the top of a desktop application. This year, the trend of server has become more evident, he added.

5. Better Android

“Android got better than iOS this year. From my personal practice, I felt that the apps on Android got better. As the entire OS of Android is taking over, so it has got better and going ahead,” Stirman told.

6. Takes off the Container Tech

As the open source are bigger in space, the stories of the container technology are very exciting, pointed out by Stirman. The winner is Docker clear. The interesting explanation about the Docker is the experience of the user, he recommended.

“Indeed, even with the ascent in ubiquity of NoSQL and the adjustment in the database advertises, the genuine story behind that – particularly for MongoDB – is the experience for designers who utilize the innovation was reconsidered starting from the earliest stage for the engineer,” Stirman told. The same thing has happened to Docker, he noted.

7. AI is Aided by Open Source

Software Technical Leader, Tim Perry said, “Another open source with the high-profile that has made drastic more accessible for deep learning through the machine,”

The recent overture of Google in open source with the toolbox of machine learning, which is called “TensorFlow,” will put a great impact on all things development that is related with artificial intelligence, according to the forecast of Tim Perry.

TensorFlow is an open source programming library for numerical calculation utilizing information stream diagrams.

“We saw clear and considerable improvement in the AI space with machine learning and neural systems, turning out to be more accessible and standard,” noted David Gray, lead educator in CodeCraft School of Technology. “Google’s Deep Dream demonstrated to us what the psyche of a genuine AI may in the long run resemble.”

8. Everybody Gets Hardware in Cheaper Price

Raspberry Pi Zero is a computer board of US$5. It’s the lowest price of hardware in the market, and the barrier of learning programming is almost eliminated. Cheap hardware availability will make rapid the dominance of the tools of open source from the board to the development community along with reduction of entry barrier, said Tim Perry. “At this point open source has obtained a significance marking.”

The Project on Open Compute is creating noteworthy commitments as a partner to the open source programming model, said Dan Dowling, VP of designing at Penguin Computing. The OCP divides plans of server farm items among organizations that need to start a community oriented dialog about open equipment. Its part organizations incorporate Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Juniper Networks, Rackspace, Cisco, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Fidelity.

9. Boosting of JavaScript

This year, 2015, was crucial for JavaScript along with the total open source stack to support their client-side as well as a platform of server-side, Gray of CodeCraft School told LinuxInsider.

10. Gathering of the Cloud Steam

“It was a good year for the cloud too,” Gray said. “We see more coherent with user-friendly and non-terminal based technologies, such as, GitHub.” He added.