Cortana for iOS has entered into Beta Territory

Microsoft has launched a survey this week for Windows Industries in search of the candidates for its iOS Cortana’s limited beta version. “Cortana for iOS beta version is in the trial period with some limited users in China and in the US released publicly,” said by the spoken person of the Microsoft. The full version of the app will be released at the end of this year.

Some selected testers would be provided the app within some few weeks. To improve its features and functionality Microsoft will deliver the updates frequently of the app. To make sense is the main target, said by a senior analyst, Wes Miller at Directions on Microsoft, because they were using Windows already and Cortana as well. It is found that

No more ‘Hey Cortana’

It has been reported that Microsoft conducted the alpha test of the iOS of Cortana before six months internally. At that trial period, it seems to work in Windows 10 as well as in Android versions. The beta version of Cortana will support event schedule, reminders and email. Although, some features of Windows 10, like ‘Hey Cortana’ will not be available now on iOS, Microsoft said.

“When I get the chance to take the survey to test the beta software, I will be at the first line,” said Tyler Reguly, Tripwire manager of security, “I like to get the chance to test the app.” Moreover, Windows Insiders also showed the interest to get the chance of testing the software.”

“I’m pumped for this as I utilize Cortana all the opportunity for my desktop along with Surface,” Insider YaleLeber composed for the Microsoft Community site. “This will make it 1,000 times more valuable for pretty much everything the stage does. Move over, Google Now.”

“Canterrain” is self-depicted as an “overwhelming client of Cortana on my Surface Pro 3” who “used to cherish it on my Windows Phone” yet was compelled to change to iOS. “Urgently miss Cortana. Particularly, I have updated my Band into the Band 2.” “Been sitting tight for this likewise, super energized!” said by BenChristen. “We hope that Apple truly works with Google and Microsoft to permit complete incorporation of Cortana if wanted.”

Other Platforms of Cortana’s Potential

It has been decided by Microsoft that they will release the beta version of limited edition “that can make them the feelings of their activities,” said a research director, Laura DiDio at Strategy Analytics. “It is not wanted by them to be overwhelmed. It will make sense from feedback from the base of the installation or from the people who like to test the beta version first.” she said in an interview.

The client who has the most to pick up from Cortana on iOS “is the person who has an iPhone, however, is agreeable and put resources into the Microsoft heap of Windows, and potentially Office on Windows,” he watched. Cortana on iOS “it would not be the replacement of Siri,” Miller pointed out. “It’s added to the platform.”


It is to provide the cross platform to assist persons and they have taken much challenges to run with Cortana to make a real buzz.