Cell C On Top up Internet Data Package List with Discount

We’ve got a TopUp contract option to suit you whether you’re a total data junkie or just a casual internet user.

Smartdata TopUp 500MB 1GB 2GB 3GB 5GB (Giga20) 10GB 20GB
Monthly fee (SIM only) R39 R69 R99 R159 R199 R449 R949
NiteData 1024MB 2048MB 3072MB 4096MB 15360MB 10240MB 20480MB
Inclusive MB 500MB 1024MB 2048MB 3072MB 5120MB 10240MB 20480MB
Price per incl. MB R0.08 R0.07 R0.05 R0.05 R0.04 R0.04 R0.04
Price per excess MB R0.99
  • Connection fee: R195 once-off
  • Contract Length: 12 or 24 month contract options available
  • 5GB (Giga20) package only available on a 12 month contact option
  • The Monthly Inclusive Data can be used at any time
  • The Monthly Inclusive NiteData can only be used between 12AM and 6AM. The NiteData is automatically loaded for new and existing customers