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Telecommunication System-1 Syllabus

Short Description: – Telecommunication and its historical background. – Status of telecommunication – Tele communication Standards – Tele communication standard organization – Telegraph system – Telephone relays and switched. – Transmission media and audio Visual equipments. Detail Description: 1. Understand the concept of telecommunication and its historical background 1.1 Define telecommunication 1.2 Describe the historical […]

IEEE 802 Project Groups

IEEE 802 Suggest a family of IEEE which describe with Local Area Network (LAN) and Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). IEEE 802 also Describe with OSI Reference Model. OSI Data Link Step Divided into two Sub Steps. (i) Logical Link Control (LLC) and (ii) Media Access Control (MAC). All Step Publish by the Following ways- # […]

Telecommunication Jobs Sector

Now a day, There are too many Telecommunications Job all over the world with Bangladesh. It is certified that, Telecommunication Knowledge of a man is called the power of knowledge. The main and popular Jobs of Telecommunication Technology And Information Communication technology: • Mobile Communications: The main working place of a Telecommunication Engineer, Information Communication […]

The Concept of Telecommunication Standard Organization

The Function of BTRC: BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission) is a Independent Commission that Build in Bangladesh Telecommunication Act, 2001. BTRC Control all thing are related With Telecommunication in Bangladesh. Structure of BTRC: • System of Services • Spectrum Management • Engineering and operations • Legal and Licensing • Administration and Finance BTRC Provided License: […]

Status of Telecommunication all over the world

Uses of telecommunication in our real life: All kinds of people are always related with telecommunication. It is important for a modern society. Most of are- Vehicles Emergency Business Entertainment and more The overall Telecommunication fields in Bangladesh: Bangladesh telecommunication sector change their addition properly in last two year. Calling code of Bangladesh Telecommunication sector […]

Concepts of Telecommunication And It’s Historical Background

Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering

Definition of Telecommunication: The Signal Transmission to communicate Different place and different stage is called Telecommunication. There are two part of the Telecommunication- (i) Tele, That means Far Off (ii) Communication, That means To share Telecommunication System has Three Basic Element. (i) A Transmitter, Who Collected Information And Migrate it into a Signal (ii) A […]