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Signaling Systems

Practically Signaling System divided three parts. (i) In band signaling (ii) Out of band signaling (iii) Signaling in ISD (International Subscriber Dialing) Details of all signaling system following: In band signaling: This signaling system convent all the information in a single channel. There are too many problems in this signaling process. Like- • Long call […]

IP Phone Systems

How does IP Phone System work? This System mainly operates with a special category. Input unit, Processing and output. Input unit: PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) is related with Fax, Phone and Gateway. It is also related with Internet VoIP Protocol. Processing Unit: In the middle step Processing (IP Phone System/ IP PBX). Output Unit: […]

Mobile Networking Systems

In This Valuable Content we are providing all types of mobile working system. IMSI: Its full meaning is International Mobile Subscriber Identity. It selects the subscriber of mobile station. Select MS and Transmit radio interface of IMSI. IMSI build by 15 Digits. • Mobile country code (MCC)- 2 Digit (Home Country) • Mobile Network code […]

Some Full Meaning of GSM Network

MS: Mobile Station MT: Mobile Terminal TE: Terminal Equip TA: Terminal Adapt OSS: Operational Subsystem NSS: Network and Switching Subsystem BSS: Bass Station Subsystem BTS: Base Transceiver System BSC: Base Station Controller MSC: Mobile Service Switching Center OMC: Operations and Maintenance Center HLR: Home Location Resister VLR: Visitor Location Resister EIR: Equipment Identity Register AUC: […]