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Telecommunication Standard Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering

As a Telecommunication Students we need to know details about Different Types of Telecommunication Standard. Here we collect all data about Worldwide Telecommunication Standard. Till 1965, For Build Telecommunication Standard, Telecommunication Depend on International Telecommunication Union. The Telecommunication Standard are: • Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T): It’s Contain on Telecommunication Standard for ITU (International Telecommunication Union) […]

Global Mobile Satellite Network Communication Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering

Introduction: In this content we discuss about the different sites of universal Telecommunication. Now days, too many user use Global mobile terminal and wire line terminal work high. Without this, it is very rare for use a satellite communication.   The satellite organization and satellite industries make two trustable satellite is called:   (i)Very small […]

SS7 Signaling System and Radio Receiver Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering

SS7 Network or SS7 Signaling system build by NSP (Network Service Part) and User Part. SS7 Used in OAM Networking system and alpha Numeric Messaging service. Here is a Network Structure for network Communication. Logically open system Interconnection (OSI) is not complete. Now, we are following a relationship between OSI and SS7 protocol Model. First […]

7 Layer OSI Reference Model Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering

Introduction: OSI Means Open System Interconnection. OSI Provided by OSS (Operations Support System) It’s Related with ITU-T and Started in 1982, provided by International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It is also known as OSI Networking Model. OSI Layer in networking builds with 7 layer OSI model. Here layer 7 protocols control whole system automatically. OSI […]

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