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Electrical Engineering -1

OBJECTIVES • To provide understanding and skill on network theorems. • To make understanding on the concept of ac fundamentals. • To provide knowledge and skill on single phase ac circuits. • To provide understanding of power & power factor in ac circuits. • To provide comprehensive understanding and skill on polyphase system. SHORT DESCRIPTION […]

Advanced Electricity

OBJECTIVES • To acquire knowledge and skill of wiring. • To develop understanding constructional details and working principles of electric lamps. • To develop understanding about earthing. • To develop understanding about controlling and protective devices. • To develop understanding the principles of electro-magnetic induction. • To develop skill in connecting lamps, switches and other […]

Data Communication and Network -2

AIMS • To be able to develop knowledge, skill and attitude in computer communication networks and media access control methods. • To be able to acquire knowledge, skill and attitude of network architectures, protocols, standards, connectivity, services, security and management. SHORT DESCRIPTION Computer communication network and media access control methods, Network architectures and standards ,Network […]

Multimedia and Graphics

AIMS To provide the students with an opportunity to acquire knowledge, skill and attitude in the field of multimedia and applications with a special emphasis on: • Basics of multimedia • Applications, benefits and problems of using multimedia • Multimedia hardware/software essentials • System components, development tools and image used in multimedia • Audio in […]

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