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Modern Architecture Syllabus

Core competencies • Master Architects and their works • Modern Architects in Bangladesh and their works • International modern Structure/Buildings • Modern Buildings in Bangladesh Detail Description 1.0 Understand the development of new concepts in Architecture 1.1 Define modern Architectural materials. 1.2 Define traditional Architectural materials. 1.3 Define modern Architectural materials. 1.4 Explain the modern […]

Architectural project Syllabus

AIMS • To be able to understand the Individual building • Related drawings • Operate an individual building project • Represent a building project as a coordinator SHORT DESCRIPTION Site Analysis; Preliminary Sketch; Final Sketch; Approval Sheet; Working Drawing; Finishing Schedule; Utility Services; Cost Estimate; Perspective Drawing; Model; & Brochure. DETAIL DESCRIPTION PRACTICAL Each student […]

Model Making Syllabus

AIMS To enable to • Prepare Templates & block model. • Prepare staircase, car & trees. • To provide skill in preparing various interior & exterior models. SHORT DESCRIPTION Preparing templates, block model for geometrical prism; Preparing block model of the components of building; Preparing model of an umbrella, police shed, Pen-stand, Flower vase, Staircase […]

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