BPL-3 (2015) Start from 22 November to 15 December 2015

BPL 2015 Already Announced that BPL 2015 Start on 22 November 2015 and Continue to 15 December 2015. After long times (Two Years) BPL Again held on Bangladesh. Now we collect some data interview from Different Reporter about Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) 2015.

The upcoming third edition of Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) is going to get a new look as the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is scheduling to present the ‘players by choice’ system for the tournament instead of traditional players’ auction, reports New Age.

The new edition of BPL is scheduled to be held from November 22 to December 15 after two years gap. The BCB also planned to make it a six-team affair and has invited bid from interested parties to own franchises. Officials said they are receiving good response since the bidders, who have to submit their interest by August 17.

A BCB director on Sunday said they already elucidated the potential bidders about how they are planning to go ahead with the competition, marred by match-fixing and payment scandals. One of the new plans include a complete overhaul in players’ recruitment system, he said.

The BCB held auctions for the first two publications when franchises bought players at prices that sometimes appeared unrealistic. Many players alleged that the franchises did not play even half of their auctioned prices, putting a question a mark on the competition. The BCB had to pay the overseas players from its own exchequer in order to save its image. The BCB could not recover the money from the permissions, which compelled it to dismiss their contracts and invite fresh bids.

To make it convenient for the new franchises, the BCB decided to put a cap on their spending and revise the players’ employment system by introducing ‘players by choice’ system. The BCB beforehand used the system, a somewhat complex one, in 2012-13 seasons for the Dhaka Premier League. In the DPL, selected 189 players were divided in the seven groups and each group had detached price tag. The clubs had to take part in a lottery to determine their calling number for each category.

According to the projected new pay-scale for BPL, highest imbursement for a local player will be Tk 30 lakh. As far as foreign players are concerned highest payment of a player can be raised up to $70,000 though BCB is in favors of keeping it limited to $50,000. As far as local players are concerned, the board has decided not to upsurge it from Tk 30 lakh. On a whole, a team will be allowed to buy maximum seven foreign players but can field four in each game.

This is a good decision of BCB to play 7 Bangladeshi players each Match. We hope that after playing in BPL all of our Cricketers involve their performance. It help to develop tiger team properly.