Banglalink MB Transfer

Banglalink MB Transfer! Hi Guys, Welcome to BL Internet Sharing System! We are happy to inform you about the MB Transfer and Gift Options of all Banglalink Internet users who want to Transfer MB from a Banglalink Number to another Banglalink Number. The process is very easy and anyone can complete the task within 30 Sec. Before starting to Gift MB in Banglalink, Just Read the details info from the below first and then try to Gift MB with Your Banglalink SIM.

Banglalink MB Transfer:

A large Number of People want to Share something with their Friends or Family Member. With the Banglalink MB Transfer System, a Banglalink user can Request to transfer the Internet from or to another Banglalink Number. The Relation will increase with Friends or Family Member by Sharing Internet data with the Banglalink MB Transfer System. Here is the details info about Banglalink MB Transfer System, and Banglalink MB Request System general Concept.

Banglalink MB Transfer

Banglalink MB Transfer System & MB Request System:

With the Same system, The Banglalink user can Request MB for another Banglalink Number and also can transfer MB to another Banglalink Number. In this age of sharing, BL brings you an amazing way of sharing MB. Gift or, Transfer internet to your Banglalink friends anytime When you may want or Request a friend for MB during emergencies. You will only require being a prepaid or calling and controlling customer to avail this internet sharing service.

  • To gift, transfer or request Banglalink MB, Dial *5000*55#.
  • To Check the Internet Balance of Banglalink MB Transfer, Dial *124*500#.

Banglalink MB Transfer Service Details:

  • The price of the Banglalink Internet Package which you have transferred will be deducted from your main account balance.
  • Apart from the price of the Desire internet package, there is no other charge for gifting another Banglalink user.
  • You can Gift Internet Package to Any Banglalink Prepaid Number.
  • You can Only Transfer the Selected Internet Package with Banglalink MB Transfer system.

Banglalink MB Transfer Internet Package List:

The Internet Package can be Transfer via Banglalink MB Transfer System.

Package Volume Price in BDT validity (in days)
45 MB 10 TK 1 Day
60 MB 15 TK 3 Days
100 MB 20 TK 7 Days
160 MB 30 TK 7 Days
300 MB 99 TK 30 Days
1 GB 210 TK 30 Days
2 GB 350 TK 30 Days

Banglalink MB Transfer to Other Number:

  • The transferable internet MB is 25MB, which is valid for 1 day. You can now enjoy a special offer of free internet transfer, so transfer away internet data without any extra charge!
  • You can transfer MB per day from one number.
  • You can only transfer the Selected Internet packs.
  • You won’t Transfer the Bonus Internet Balance.
  • You can’t transfer Internet Data to your own number either.
  • You can’t transfer The volumes from social media pack (Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp and Other Social packs).

Banglalink MB Transfer Request from Other Number:

  • You can request 25MB Internet, which will be valid for 1 day. a special offer is ongoing, so transfer away or request for internet data without any extra charge!
  • You can Request MB per day from one number.
  • You can only Request the Selected Internet packs.
  • You can’t Request the Internet volumes from social media pack (Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp and Other social packs).

Do you have any question about Banglalink MB Transfer? We hope that you have successfully understood about the Desire System of BL MB Gift with the all other Relevant Systems. If you need any Help, Please feel free to ask here. We will Reply You back soon. Thank you for being with us.