Banglalink 100% Internet Bonus in All Internet Pack

Banglalink 100% Internet Bonus Offer in All Internet Pack

100% Bonus! Banglalink Provide 100% Bonus in All Banglalink Internet Package and All Data Plan:

data packpack volumeprice (without vat)pack validity
(including activation day)
bonus on pack purchasebonus validity
(including activation day)
purchase nowactivation string
tester3MBtk. 123MB2purchase*5000*518#
starter5MBtk. 2.525MB2purchase*5000*513#
mini player40MBtk. 15340MB2purchase*5000*502#
Player75MBtk. 30675MB4purchase*5000*501#
explorer175MBtk. 7516175MB6purchase*5000*517#
browser250MBtk. 9931250MB11purchase*5000*503#
super browser600MBtk. 20031600MB11purchase*5000*504#
cool rider1GBtk. 275311GB11purchase*5000*511#
smart surfer2GBtk. 350312GB11purchase*5000*506#
downloader4GBtk. 650314GB11purchase*5000*508#
crazy downloader8GBtk. 950318GB11purchase*5000*509#
mega downloader12GBtk. 16003112GB11purchase*5000*510#
p4200MBtk. 502200MB2purchase*222*1*1#
p918MBtk. 8218MB2purchase*5000*529#
p108MBtk. 428MB2purchase*5000*520#
p1425MBtk. 10225MB2purchase*5000*543#
p740MBtk. 20840MB4purchase*5000*522#
p890MBtk. 501690MB6purchase*5000*523#
1GB smart pack*1GBtk. 189311GB11purchase*5000*547#
500MB smart pack*500MBtk. 10931500MB11purchase*5000*548#
200MB smart pack*200MBtk. 508200MB4purchase*5000*562#

*browsing modality of 1GB smart pack- 2am-6pm: browse all websites, 6pm-2am: any internet activity other than audio/video streaming, ftp, torrent download, calls/video calls through applications (skype, facetime etc.)

  • to check validity of the data packs the subscribers can dial *5000*500#
  • to check the validity of the bonus, subscribers can dial *124*44#

i’top-up based internet packs:

recharge amountpack volumepack validity: days (including activation day)bonus on pack purchasebonus validity (including activation day)
tk. 10938GB318GB11
tk. 147400MB31400MB11
tk. 1760MB1060MB4
tk. 197550MB31550MB11
tk. 230020GB3120GB11
tk. 3171GB311GB11
tk. 3777MB677MB3
tk. 3992GB312GB11
tk. 47100MB8100MB4
tk. 816MB316MB2
tk. 97230MB31230MB11
tk. 918MB418MB2
  • the subscribers can also avail the 100% bonus on i’top-up based data packs. the subscribers can go to the retailer and activate the packs by recharging the desired amount.
  • to check validity of the data packs the subscribers can dial *124*50#
  • to check the validity of the bonus, subscribers can dial *124*44#


  • the subscribers will enjoy 100% bonus on any of the packs mentioned above.
  • only prepaid and call and control subscribers can avail 100% bonus, postpaid subscribers are not eligible for this bonus.
  • during usage the internet will be consumed from the bonus internet first. after the allocated bonus is consumed or the validity of the bonus expires then internet will be consumed from pack volume.
  • the subscribers can purchase multiple packs at the same time and avail the bonus allocated for each pack.
  • the subscribers can avail the 100% bonus as many times as they want by purchasing a data pack.
  • this is a limited time offer.
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