Airtel Friendship Day Internet Offer 250 MB 50 Taka

Airtel Friendship Day Internet Offer 250 MB 50 Taka

Airtel Friendship Day Internet Offer 250 MB 50 Taka

To Get this Internet offer Dial: *121*5003#

Validity: 7 Days

* VAT & SD is Applicable.

To check balance:

a.        Prepaid: For balance *778*555#

b.       Postpaid: Dial *121*70#

  • Registration:
    P1 package is pre-active internet package for you. So no need to register/activate this internet package.
  • Activation time:
    As the service is pre-activated, you can use P1 as soon as SIM is activated.
  • Service validity:
    You can use the P1 service anytime you wishes. You will only have to pay for the KB you consume. There is no monthly fee, no usage limit.


  • Registration:
    To enlist any of  the above-mentioned volume pack, compose an SMS with corresponding SMS keyword and send to 5000.
  • Activation time:
    Once you receive a confirmation SMS that you have subscribed to volume pack, your usage will be captured under volume pack.
  • Important Note:Then, you can do either of the following for further usage:

    Option A: You can repurchase any of the abovementioned pack again.


    Option B: You can send SMS ‘PG2’ to 5000 for 10KB/paisa rate +VAT.

    • Subscriber can buy multiple packs at the same day.
    • If you have purchased a volume pack, irrespective to his data balance in DA4 account, s/he can purchase as many data packs as s/he wants. Data Volume will accumulate but Validity date will stand as per latest purchased pack validity.
      • Example:

        Suppose, you have purchased FPM (120MB@99TK/15day) on day 1 of a month. Then, on day 10 of that same month, you purchase a P9 pack, (10MB@10TK/1day). His/her data balance will add up in that case, whereas his/her validity date will be 23:59 hour of 11th day of the month. The validity date will not remain till 15th day of the month anymore.

    • To check internet balance & validity period, please dial *778*4# (free).
    • Once the ‘Data Volume’ is consumed, meaning internet balance is between 0 to 1 MB, but validity period has not expired yet, you cannot use anymore internet.
    • If you choose, option B, then you will be able to browse on 10KB/paisa rate + VAT, till the validity period.
    • Any pack validity expiration time is at 23:59 hour (11:59pm at night)
    • If your package validity period expires, and you dial to *778*4#, following notification will be displayed, where as date-field will be emplty.