Aircraft Turbine Engine Theory & Construction Syllabus Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Regulation 2010

Aircraft Turbine Engine Theory & Construction  Syllabus Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Regulation 2010:

  • To provide understanding of basic principles and theory of gas turbine engine
  • To familiarize with constructional features of the gas turbine engines.
  • To give ideas on gas turbine engine history and development.
  • To provide with general knowledge on gas turbine engine constructional materials.
  • To make understanding of load bearing capability and affect of altitude variation on engine construction.
  • To give understanding about air/gas flow through different stages/ sections of the gas turbine engine.




Introduction to the basic principle, gas turbine theory, gas turbine history and development, types and construction of gas turbine engines compressor, combustion chamber, turbine, exhaust etc.






  1. Understand basic Principles, Terminologies, Definitions and Laws

1.1        Define and explain the following terms

1.1.1     Define and explain Force

1.1.2     Define and explain Work

1.1.3     Define and explain Power & propulsion

1.1.4     Define and explain Horse power & torque

1.1.5     Define and explain Energy

1.1.6     Define and explain Momentum

1.1.7     Define and explain Vector

1.1.8     Define and explain Mass, Weight & density

1.1.9     Define and explain Heat & Temperature

1.1.10   Define and explain Absolute temperature

1.1.11   Define and explain Sound.


1.2        Narrate the Boyle’s law & Charles’ law

1.3        Explain the combination of Boyle’s and Charles’ law.

1.4        Define and explain Newton’s laws of motion.

1.5        Define Thermodynamic 1st and 2nd law.

1.6        Explain “U” tube principle

1.7        Explain venture principle

1.8        Define and explain Bernoulli’s principle

1.9        Describe convergent and divergent duct.

1.10      Draw and explain Brayton’s cycle.

1.11      Draw about air/ gas flow through the gas turbine engine.

1.12      Define and explain Thrust, formula of thrust, thrust horse power (THP), shaft horse power (SHP) and ESHP.

1.13      Explain the relation between thrust & horse power.

1.14      Explain gas turbine engine efficiency, thermal efficiency, and propulsive efficiency

1.15      Explain factors affecting thrust: Design and non-design factors.

1.16      Explain diffuser & diffusion

  1. Understand about Development and History of Gas Turbine Engine

2.1        Describe the natural Jet propulsion

2.2        Explain Hero’s aero engines

2.3        Discuss Frank Whittle turbojet engine


  1. Understand various Types of Jet Engine

3.1        Define reaction engine

3.1.1     Describe rocket engine

3.1.2     Explain ramjet engine

3.1.3     Discuss about pulse jet engine

3.2        Mention the types of gas turbine engine

3.2.1     Define and describe turbo jet engine

3.2.2     Define and describe turbo prop engine

3.2.3     Define and describe turbo fan engine (By pass engine)

3.2.4     Explain turbo shaft engine (Torque turbine engine)

3.3        Mention the characteristics of different type of engines.


  1. Understand the Purpose, Principle, Construction & Operation of Compressor Section

4.1        Define and list the purpose of compressor

4.2        Narrate the principle of operation of compressor

4.3        Mention the types of compressor

4.4        Explain centrifugal flow compressor

4.4.1     Describe construction of centrifugal flow compressor

4.4.2     Know the advantage of centrifugal flow compressor

4.4.3     Know the disadvantage of centrifugal flow compressor

4.5        Explain axial flow compressor

4.5.1     Describe construction of axial flow compressor

4.5.2     Know advantage of axial flow compressor

4.5.3     Know disadvantage of axial flow compressor

4.6        Describe combination compressor (Complex Compressor)

4.7        Discuss about compressor surge and stall

4.8        Show how air flows through the compressor

4.9        Describe compressor blade fittings.


  1. Understand the Purpose, Principle, Types, Construction & Operation of Combustion Chamber Section

            5.1        Define and know purpose of combustion chamber

5.2        Narrate the principle of operation of combustion chamber

5.3        Mention the types of combustion chamber

5.3.1     Explain multi can combustion chamber

5.3.2     Describe annular combustion chamber

5.3.3     Discuss can-annular (turbo annular) combustion chamber

5.3.4     Describe reverse flow combustion chamber

5.3        Explain combustion chamber materials

5.4        Describe combustion chamber cooling

5.5        Discuss combustion drain

5.6        Explain air/gas flow through combustion chamber


  1. Understand the Purpose, Principle, Types, Construction & Operation of Turbine Section

6.1        Define and know the purpose of turbine

6.2        Narrate the operating principle of turbine

6.3        List the types of turbine

6.3.1     Discuss impulse type turbine

6.3.2     Describe reaction type turbine

6.3.3     Explain open tube type turbine

6.3.4     Mention shrouded type turbine

6.4        Describe turbine blade fittings

6.5        Discuss turbine blade cooling

6.6        Explain turbine blade creep (Thermal stress)

6.7        Show the gas flow characteristics through different types of turbine.


  1. Know the Purpose, Construction & Operation of Exhaust Section

7.1        Define and know the purpose of exhaust section

7.2        Explain the construction of exhaust section

7.2.1     Define and know the purpose of exhaust cone

7.2.2     Define tail pipe

7.2.3     Explain tail pipe with afterburner

7.2.4     Discuss propelling nozzle

7.2.5     Describe fixed area nozzle

7.2.6     Explain variable area nozzle

7.3        Show the gas flow characteristics through exhaust section


  1. Know the Purpose, Construction & Operation of Noise Suppression

8.1        Define the purpose of noise suppression

8.2        Lay out the noise level

8.3        Describe engine noise

8.4        Mention the methods of noise suppression

8.5        Discuss about the construction of noise suppressor

8.6        Explain about noise suppressing materials


  1. Understand the Purpose & Methods of Measuring Engine Performance

9.1        Define the purpose of measuring engine thrust

9.2        List the methods of measuring engine thrust

9.2.1     Describe measuring engine thrust on test bench

9.2.2     Describe measuring engine thrust in flight

9.3        Narrate specific fuel consumption (SFC)

9.4        Explain power to weight relationship


  1. Understand the Purpose & Construction of Engine Accessories.

            10.1      Define accessory drives

10.2      Describe reduction gear box (RGB).

10.3      Explain the construction of RGB.

10.4      Discuss different types of gears.

10.5      Describe different types of bearings

10.6      Mention different types of pumps

10.7      Describe different types of filter

10.8      List different types of turbine engine systems

10.9      Name different types of gas turbine starters.

10.10    List different types of indicating instruments.











  1. Skill in identifying the different sections of the engine
  2. Skill in identifying the major sections of the engine
  3. Skill in identifying the design & construction of different types of intake
  4. Demonstrate the design & construction of different types of compressor
  5. Show the blade fitting arrangement.
  6. Skill in removal/ Installation procedure of compressor casing
  7. Skill in identifying the different type of combustion chamber and its arrangement
  8. Skill in removal/ Installation of different components of combustion chamber.
  9. Skill in removal/installation of fuel sprayer nozzles
  10. Skill in removal/installation of igniter plugs
  11. Skill in removal/installation of turbine blades
  12. Skill in removal/installation of exhaust cone
  13. Skill in identifying the different sections of after burner
  14. Skill in identifying the different mounting points of the engine
  15. Skill in identifying the different accessories of the engine



Reference Books

  1. Airframe and Power plant Mechanics
    Power Plant Handbook-AC65-12A FAA
  2. Aircraft gas turbine engine technology by – Irwine. E. Treager
  3. Rolls Royals Jet Engine






Mir Abul Kalam                        Anwar Hossain Khan    Engr. S.M. Akmal Hossain

Instructor                                  DCI (Aerospace)                        Principal