Aircraft Equipment Furnishing and Maintenance Syllabus Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Regulation 2010

Aircraft Equipment Furnishing and Maintenance  Syllabus Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Regulation 2010

To provide understanding of safety requirements
To familiarize different types of safety equipment
Give ideas and knowledge on aircraft furnishing and upholstery
Make Understanding of emergency equipment
To give Understanding on passenger cabin and seats
To provide knowledge on baggage system


Short Description:

Introduction to the basic safety requirements for crew and passenger cabin, different types of safety equipment, ideas and knowledge on aircraft furnishing and upholstery, understanding on passenger cabin and seats, aircraft galley and baggage etc.

Detail Description



Aircraft Equipment


  1. General/Requirements
  2. Safety Requirements

2.1       Introduce the captain and first officer’s seat

2.2       Give an introduction on cabin crew seat

2.3       Write a short on doors and break in markings

2.4       Purpose of first aid boxes

2.5       Purpose of emergency lights

2.6       Limitations to fly over water

2.7       Describe sea planes

2.8       Describe fire extinguisher


  1. Describe the Following Mandatory Equipment

3.1       Passenger aircraft

3.2       Other aircraft

3.3       Emergency exit

3.4       Escape chute

3.5       Floating coat

3.6       Slide raft

3.7       Life raft

3.8       Deployment of slide raft
3.9       Dinghies


  1. Cabin Safety Equipment

4.1       General

4.2       Purpose of loud speakers

4.3       Know about smoke musk

4.4       Requirements of gloves

4.5       Understand Exit Signs

4.5.1 Electrical

4.5.2 Non – electrical

4.5.3 Emergency exit signs


  1. Describe the Following Emergency Equipment

5.1       General

5.2       What is lighting?

5.3       What is life jacket?
5.4       Use of oxygen

5.5       Purpose of smoke goggles

5.6       First aid

5.7      Emergency transmitter

5.8       Evacuation annunciation



Aircraft Furnishing/Upholstery


  1. General


  1. State the Following Flight Compartment Seats

7.1       Captain Seats – Control, Back rest, Lumber support, seat belt, shoulder harness

7.2       First Officer Seat

7.3       Cabin Crew Seat


  1. Describe Passenger Seat

8.1 General

8.2 What is attachment?

8.3 Show arm rest

8.4 Show air circulation system

8.5 Explain de-multiplexer system

8.6 Purpose of control unit

8.7 Know the seat belt


  1. Illustrate Cabin Partitioning

9.1 General

9.2 Display the particle board and plastic laminations

9.3 Show the fire resistance requirements

9.4 Understand the toilet partitioning

9.5 Understand the galley partitioning

9.6 Purpose of curtains

9.7 Purpose of carpets

9.8 Describe window, window panel and shades

9.9 Identify with crew rest area

9.10 Know the cabin carpet and curtain


  1. Toilet, Water and Waste

10.1     Know about Toilets

10.1.1 System components

10.1.2 Waste tank

10.1.3 Flushing system pump, filter and control


10.2     Know about Water & Waste

10.2.1  Potable water


10.2.2 Understand Storage and Distribution of Water Understand water tank Recognize air supply system – Air compressor, Pressure regulator Purpose of water faucet Need of water temperature control Describe water servicing Know the wash basin – overboard drain & heating Describe system operation


10.2.3 Waste Water Explain waste tank Purpose of toilet bowl Purpose of waste pump, filter, drain valve, switch Describe operation Illustrate servicing & indication


  • Describe hot & cold water supply – health protection


  1. Aircraft Galley

11.1     Give an Introduction of aircraft galley

11.2     Describe refrigerator

11.3     What is galley air chiller?

11.4     Describe storage and waste

11.5     Purpose of galley cart-meal cart, sales cart, waste cart

11.6     Purpose of galley lift

11.7     Enlist the Safety of the Following Equipment

11.7.1 Mechanical door interlock

11.7.2 Electrical door interlock

11.7.3 Health protection

  1. Baggage

12.1     Introduction

12.2     Describe Container

12.2.1 LD container

12.2.2 Live stock container


12.3     Pallets

12.3.1 Understand core pallet

12.3.2 Know Solid pallet

12.3.3 Familiar with automobile pallet

12.3.4 Understand the specialized container and pallet

12.3.5 What is net attachment?

12.3.6 What is insulation?

12.3.7 Restraint& Securing with cargo bay Understand main deck restraint


12.4     Describe System Components

12.4.1 Understand roller & ball net

12.4.2 Understand roll out stops

12.4.3 Explain power drive unit

12.4.4 Know about lateral guide

12.4.5 Know about center/auxiliary stops, locks and guides

12.4.6 Purpose of container stops


12.5     Control Panel

12.5.1 Describe loading operation

12.5.2 Understand unloading operation


12.6     Illustrate dangerous goods handling



  1. Understand Safety Requirements of the following Equipment

1.1       Captain and first officer’s seat

1.2       Cabin crew seat

1.3       Doors and break in markings

1.4       First aid boxes

1.8       Fire extinguisher


  1. Show skills in identifying the following

2.1       Emergency Exit

2.2       Escape Chute

2.3       Floating Coat

2.4       Slide Raft

2.5       Life raft

2.6       Deployment of Slide Raft
2.7       Dinghies

2.8       Loud Speakers

2.9       Smoke Musk

2.10     Gloves

2.11     Exit Signs

2.12     Life jacket
2.13     Use of Oxygen

2.14     Smoke Goggles

2.15     First Aid


  1. Show skills in inspection of passenger seat
  2. Show skills in servicing of toilet and water
  3. Show skills in inspection of aircraft galley



Reference Books:


  1. FAR Part 23 & 25
  2. Air Navigation Orders: CAAB
  3. DC10 Aircraft Training Note: ATA 25
  4. F28 Aircraft Training Note: ATA 25